When we talk about data security, we often have to use vague terms. We can only really quote threats in terms of “surface area” exposed to attack, “danger level”, and so forth – this is due to the nature of how corporations and entities often handle their breach data, preferring to “hide” the extent and nature of damage rather than to confirm the efficacy of threatening agents.

While this is a generality, there are some specific data sets that we can use to discuss the actual, real damages done to corporations. While specific threats are often hidden, the actual monetary costs are often reported and considered part of operational costs. In this way, we do in fact have hard data that we can look at.

In this piece, we’re going to do just that. We’ll look at some instances of successful breaches, and the cost incurred to the attack. We’ll talk about how these issues could have been mitigated, and how the involved companies, corporations, and entities failed to do so. And, hopefully, we’ll create a strong resource that demonstrates exactly what data insecurity can cost.

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