Until relatively recently, artificial intelligence was firmly planted in the realm of science fiction. However, with the advent of more powerful processors and groundbreaking research into deep learning, AI has inched ever closer to reality. The question now is, since we have this tech, how can we use it to improve existing systems? Are there new tools could be leveraged to improve existing API platforms?

Researchers and developers alike have answered this call, creating systems that leverage the power of AI to improve API design, testing, and analysis. Today, we’ll discuss some awesome implementations of artificial intelligence as it relates to web APIs, as well as dispel some common myths surrounding the technology. We’ll see how AI may soon be impacting things in our space like:

  • Automating the process of discovering APIs
  • Helping predict developer consumer habits
  • Enabling new innovative third party tooling
  • Powering new API functionalities and niche services

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