I’m somewhat obsessed with security – in fact, despite working in content management by day and writing on the API industry by night, network and data security was and continues to be the foundation of my education. While the principles of security are certainly tied into those endeavors, sometimes featuring heavily in my literary efforts, I often find myself drifting into “business operations”, “developer relations”, and other tangentially related topics rather than delving deep into the merits of data encryption methodologies or the dangers of relying too heavily on the “flavor of the week”.

That is why I was so pleased that, following a quip during a recent presentation in Stockholm, Sweden, an attendee asked for explanation. “What do you mean,” he asked, “when you say wireless payments are inherently insecure?” While I endeavored to explain then the basis of my thesis, it bears repeating here, as it’s so often a misunderstood or misconstrued point when discussing security. It’s what I call the “dirty little secret” of the security world.

The secret? There is no such thing as “perfect security”.

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